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SDO Caloocan PRAISE’s general objective is to encourage, recognize and reward employees, individually or in groups, for their suggestions, innovative ideas, inventions, discoveries, superior accomplishments, heroic deeds, exemplary behavior, extraordinary acts or services in the public interest and other personal efforts which contribute to the efficiency, economy and improvement in government operations, which lead to organizational productivity. The SDO Caloocan, in making any Human Resource decision or any related decision shall ensure that no person is discriminated against, nor any person is unduly favored on account of their sex and gender, age, civil status, physical characteristics and attributes, religion, belief, creed, race, family background, political affiliation, socio-economic standing and other attributes that violates the principles of equality, equity and fairness.

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March, June, September, and December

Quarterly Meeting of PRAISE Committee

PRAISE Committee

1st Week of August

Call Nominees for the Search

PRAISE Committee

2nd Week of September

Received List of Nominees with Documents

PRAISE Secretariat

4th Week of September

Conduct Preliminary Evaluation and Deliberation

PRAISE Secretariat

2nd Week of October

Conduct Validation and Interview

PRAISE Committee

4th Week of November

Deliberates and Finalize Results

PRAISE Committee

1st Week of December

Announcing Finalist for the Awarding Ceremony

PRAISE Secretariat

2nd Week of December

Conduct Awarding Ceremony

PRAISE Secretariat

3rd Week of January

Announces the Results of the Search

PRAISE Secretariat

1st Week of January

Prepare Annual Report of R and R Implementation

PRAISE Secretariat

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The schools division offices shall conduct their Division Search for Outstanding Officials and Employees. The functional divisions and schools will have to nominate their candidates to the Search. The top three nominees/candidates for each category who obtained at least 65 points shall qualify for the validation stage. No nominee shall be removed at any stage of screening or selection for any reason other than he/she can no longer proceed to the next stage following the guidelines and criteria set in this Manual. The PRAISE Committee shall deliberate the results of the evaluation of documents prior to the validation stage.

The SDO Caloocan Praise Committee shall Review and Evaluation Teams for awards categories. The team shall meet to discuss criteria and evaluate documents. If face-to-face interaction is not possible, teleconferencing and other online platforms shall be considered and be maximized to proceed with the screening and evaluation of document stage.

The PRAISE Committee will not evaluate any document for any of the categories with only one candidate for the entire division.

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The PRAISE Committee will spearhead the validation of the top three candidates for each category to the concerned functional division and schools. All teaching categories shall involve actual classroom demonstration teaching during this stage. Points obtained by the candidates may change after the validation of documents which shall comprise 90% of the overall rating. In a case when a candidate fails to meet the required 65 points, after the validation of documents, the next qualified candidate shall be considered for validation. After the validation of documents, the PRAISE Committee shall meet to deliberate on the results, especially those points which either decrease or increase. The Committee will have to identify the top three candidates who are considered as finalists for each category.

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The PRAISE Committee will conduct the interview of the finalists at the Division Office. The PRAISE Committee will deliberate on the consolidation of results, by category. They shall signify in the Consolidated Rating Sheet, by category and shall treat with utmost confidentiality the final results which shall be declared during the Awarding ceremony.

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Finalists for each of the categories are recognized and formally presented on stage. The winners for each of the categories are declared during the Awarding Ceremony. The finalists will be issued Certificate of Recognition, while the winner also receives a trophy and a cash prize (Refer to Section 26 hereof).

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The official results of the Gawad Pagkilala Awards shall be disseminated through a Division Memorandum

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  • National Awards Presidential or Lingkod Bayan Award  
  • Outstanding Public Official/Employee or Dangal ng Bayan
  • Civil Service Commission or the PAGASA Award
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Establishing the PRAISE in the Department of Education

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