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In line with the Revised Policies on Employees Suggestions and Incentive Awards System (ESIAS) provided under CSC Resolution No. 010112 and CSC MC No. 01, s. 2001, the Department of Education adopts the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) to be referred to as DepEd PRAISE.

The PRAISE shall adhere to the principle of providing incentives and awards based on performance, innovative ideas and exemplary behavior.

The PRAISE shall give emphasis on the timeliness of giving award or recognition. Aside from conferment of awards during the traditional or planned awarding ceremonies, the spirit of on-the-spot grant of recognition shall be institutionalized.

The PRAISE shall provide both monetary and non-monetary awards and incentives to recognize, acknowledge and reward productive, creative, innovative and ethical behavior of employees through formal and informal mode.


SDO Caloocan’s Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) aims to:

  • Regularly establish a process for identifying, selecting, rewarding and providing incentives to deserving officials and personnel;
  • Identify outstanding and exemplary accomplishments, best practices of officials and personnel that led to improved work productivity and created a positive workplace; and
  • Show appreciation, recognition and incentives to increase motivation of officials and employees who have contributed ideas, suggestions, innovations, programs and projects of superior accomplishments, exemplary behavior, extraordinary acts or services and other personal efforts.

AWARD – recognition which may be monetary or non-monetary conferred to an individual or a group of individuals for ideas, suggestions, inventions, discoveries, superior accomplishments, exemplary behavior, heroic deeds, extraordinary acts or services in the public interest which contribute to the efficiency, economy, improvement in government operations which lead to organizational productivity.

CAREER – positions in the civil service characterized by (1) entrance based on merit and fitness to be determined as far as practicable by competitive examination, or based on highly technical qualifications; (2) opportunity for advancement to higher career positions; and (3) security of tenure,

CONTRIBUTION – any input which can be in the form of an idea or performance.

DISCOVERY – is the uncovering of something previously existing but found or learned for the first time which will improve public service delivery.

IDEA TYPE CONTRIBUTION – refers to an idea, a suggestion or an invention or discovery for improvement to effect economy in operation, to increase production and improve working conditions.

INCENTIVE – monetary or non-monetary motivation or privilege given to an official or employee for contributions, suggestions, inventions, ideas, satisfactory accomplishment or demonstration of exemplary behavior based on agreed performance standards and norms of behavior.

INVENTION – the creation of something previously non-existent which will benefit the government.

NON-CAREER – positions expressly declared by law to be in the non-career service; or those whose entrance in the service is characterized by (1) entrance on bases other than those of the usual tests of merit and fitness utilized for the career service; and (2) tenure which is limited to the duration of a particular project for which purpose employment was made.

PERFORMANCE TYPE CONTRIBUTION – refers to performance of an extraordinary act or service in the public interest in connection with, or related to one’s official employment; or outstanding community service or heroic acts in the public interest; or sustained work performance for a minimum period of one year which is over and above the normal position requirement of the individual or group.

SUGGESTION – idea or proposal which improves work performance, systems and procedures and economy in operations that will benefit the government.

SYSTEM – the agency awards and incentives program for employees.

January, April, July, OctoberQuarterly Meeting of PRAISE Committee Members
1st week of SeptemberIssues a call for the Search
3rd week of SeptemberReceives nominations with corresponding documents
1st week of OctoberConducts preliminary evaluation of nominees
2nd week of OctoberConducts validation and interview
1st week of NovemberDeliberates and finalizes the results
2nd week of NovemberAnnounces the finalists for the awarding ceremonies
1st week of DecemberHolds the awarding ceremonies
2nd week of December

Prepares annual reports of R and R accomplishments


During quarterly meetings, the committee shall formulate, adopt and amend internal rules, policies and procedure to govern the conduct of its activities which shall include the guidelines in evaluating the nominees and the mechanism for recognizing the awardees.

It is also an avenue to determine the forms of awards and incentives to be awarded. The committee will also prepare plans, identify resources and propose budget for the activities.


A Division Memorandum shall be issued that calls for nomination of officials and personnel to certain award titles. The calendar of activities shall also be presented to guide the committee and the nominees about the Search.


The PRAISE committee shall shortlist the nominees by evaluating and validating the documents submitted by the nominees. In this process, those who will not meet the cut-off score shall be eliminated. Similarly, those with incomplete documents shall be discarded. Interview and demo teaching will also be held, if necessary.


The PRAISE Committee shall deliberate on the outcome of the evaluation. It is here where the committee will identify the top three candidates who are considered as finalists for each category.


The Division Office will issue a memorandum announcing the names of awardees and other details of the Search.


The awarding ceremonies could be online or onsite. The awardees shall receive a certificate, trophy and cash prize. In this formal gathering, the awardees will be presented on stage for recognition and acknowledgment.

  • National Awards Presidential or Lingkod Bayan Award  
  • Outstanding Public Official/Employee or Dangal ng Bayan
  • Civil Service Commission or the PAGASA Award

              The SDO Caloocan will acknowledge and recognize the recipients of the following awards. 

      1. Outstanding Teachers in Elementary and Secondary Levels
      2. Outstanding School Principal in Elementary and Secondary Levels
      3. Outstanding SpEd Teacher in Elementary and Secondary Levels
      4. Outstanding ALS Mobile Teacher in Elementary and Secondary Levels
      5. Outstanding Non-Teaching Level 1 Employee (SDO & Schools)
      6. Outstanding Non-Teaching Level 2 Employee (SDO & Schools)
      7. Employees with Outstanding Rating in IPCRF
      8. Superintendents Awardees
      9. Loyalty Awardees- 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th years in service
      1. Other awards– any award duly approved by the Schools Division Superintendent upon the recommendation of the PRAISE Committee.

OIC, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent



          Ms. ALINE A. CAYANONG- Administrative Officer V

          Ms. MOOONYEN A. DE ASIS- Administrative Officer V

          Atty. KATHRINE MAE M. HOGGANG- Non-Teaching Representative

          Mr. TOMMY R. RICO- PSDS

          Mr. DANILO S. DUYAN- EPS

          Dr. MARITES B. CRUZ- PESPAC Secretary

          Dr. LILIA R. GUNDRAN- APPSACC Secretary

          Mr. EDARDO EDORA- Representative from Teachers’ Association


          Mr. ALISTAIR P. SALVADOR- Administrative Officer IV




     The SDO Caloocan, in making any Human Resource decision or any related decision shall ensure that no person is discriminated against, nor any person is unduly favored on account of their sex and gender, age, civil status, physical characteristics and attributes, religion, belief, creed, race, family background, political affiliation, socio-economic standing and other attributes that violates the principles of equality, equity and fairness.

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