The Curriculum Implementation Division of Caloocan conducted its first webinar entitled, “Engaging Teachers Online: Creating Video Lesson 101” streamed through Facebook Live, last May 25, 2020.  The  webinar focused on creating video lessons using the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio and screen recorder using Smartphone as one way to deliver learning in preparation for transitioning to the new normal education. SDO-CID considers the different learning styles of students and watching video lesson is one way of ensuring the continuous delivery of quality education in the new normal. The webinar reached 5.2k viewers and 5.4k comments.  For the division’s first live streaming, this record is worth noting.

          Dr. Nerissa L. Losaria, set the mood of the participants by giving a short talk about the “New Normal and Blended Learning”.

          The webinar specifically aimed at teaching the participants on how to create video lessons and to learn ways of using the screen recorder with their smartphones. The Resource Speaker,  Mr. Wilson L. De Guzman, a teacher from Caloocan High School (CHS), gave tips on  how to be resourceful and  to make use of the available materials at home as tools in teaching.

          The webinar was hosted by Mr. John   Kenneth O. Santos and Ms. Princess Warlene S.  Moyo, both CHS faculty. 

          The CID Team behind the activity was composed of Public School District Supervisors namely,  Engr. Jennifer Mondoy,  Ms. Generieve Corona, Ms. Imelda Jacob, and Ms. Christina Aviso. Participants who registered at the link posted during the webinar received an   electronic certificate of   attendance. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          by:  Maricar M. Alamon