Walk The Path of Love

Written by:  Rodah B. Bimmao

Edited/Approved by: Mary Grace E. Marcos

It is nice to love and help people who are most in need of care even if it is a simple and small thing. It’s better to help people you see with effort and determination to improve lives.

Who deserves help specially during a pandemic and in what way? What could be the basis for this person to be helped or not?

Most NHC Elementary School students belong to poor families. Oftentimes, they don’t have enough food. Most of the time their parents are out to work to earn a living just to provide for their needs. In the pre-pandemic era, it was forbidden to wear slippers, students tried to enter wearing shoes but they noticed that each sole of their shoes was covered with mud because some, their path to school is not paved.

In NHC Elementary School, the welfare of the students is always in mind. It always seeks the safety and security of students. Although we are in a time of pandemics caused by Covid 19, the school continues to prepare for the return to normalcy of our dear students. Even before the long-awaited time arrives, the school continues to prepare the cleanliness and orderliness of the entire school so that we can properly and happily greet the students on their return to school.

In preparation of the much awaited face to face teaching-learning, it would be of great help if we begin with preparing their way to school. We wish for descent streets without mud or worry during rainy days because it is a safe way for them to go to school. Their shoes can be used longer, and their parents will have a peaceful mind. Children will be encouraged to walk to school with their friends, and hurry home to their family after class. Making a better for these kids is a vision that they will also have a smooth way that leads to success.


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