Frequently Asked Questions


1. For FIRST SALARY submit two (2) copies of the following:


    • Daily Time Record
    • Request for payment (from schools)
    • Form 6


    • Certified true copy of Appointment
    • Assignment Order, if applicable
    • Certified true copy of Oath of Office
    • Certificate of Assumption
    • SALN
    • BIR withholding certificates (1902)
    • Leave Form, if applicable
    • LBP account number

2. For subsequent salaries submit letter A ONLY

Note: All requirements should be submitted every 20th day of the month



STEP 1: Submission of requirements to the Records Unit
STEP 2: Verification of requirements and preparation of payroll by the Personnel Unit
STEP 3: Certification of Payroll by the Administrative Office
STEP 4: Preparation of Obligation Request Slip by the Budget Unit
STEP 5: Preparation of Disbursement Voucher by the Accounting Unit
STEP 6: For approval of the SDS
STEP 7: Preparation of LDDAP-ADA/Checks and releasing by the Cashier Unit

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