Applicants who have met the required eligibility, relevant education, relevant experience, relevant training, and competencies for the position applied for, advances to the next recruitment process which is the examination/proficiency test, open assessment, and interview.

  The HRMPSB deliberating must uphold the principles of fairness and impartiality in the assessment of applicants’ qualifications and documents submitted for appreciation.

  The purpose of the interview is to gather additional information as to applicants’ character, knowledge, skills, and abilities that is not reflected in their resumes. Interview questions initiated by the HRMPSB must be job related and shall include Behavioral Events (BE) focused interview questions.

  • The HRMO will notify the qualified candidates of the time, date, and place of interview. It is recommended that applicants be notified at least 5 days prior to the interview date
  • A proficiency test will be administered prior or subsequent to the interview
  • It is recommended that the HRMPSB will have a set of core questions which will be asked uniformly to all candidates. However, HRMPSB members are not precluded to ask additional questions relative to the applicant’s qualifications and position applied for.
  • Questions that elicit a “yes” or “no” answer must be avoided
  • For candidates for a teaching position, they are required to do a demonstration teaching that would evidence his/her abilities as a teacher
  • After the HRMPSB deliberation, the HRMO will submit the result of the deliberation, the Comparative Assessment Result to the Appointing Authority.

All interview and evaluation results will be retained in the administrative department as it will provide justification for the hiring decisions that the office will make.